5 Hidden and Unusual Things you can do in Namibia

The list of reasons why you should book a Namibia tour is long. There are the out of this world landscapes that make you feel as though you are on another planet. There are towns full of culture and great food. There are people who will make you feel as though you are at home. And there is so much to do that it is impossible to feel bored for a moment.

But while the conventional Namibia safari will be enough for most excited adventurers, for those who want to have a bit more of an unusual trip will find a lot to look forward to. Namibia, with its desolate deserts and its intricate ancient history mixed with its modern colonial influence, has a great number of interesting attractions, many of which are quite unusual. To ensure that you are able to have that epic escape into the obscure, you should make sure that you do a little forward planning so that part of your holiday includes some of these interesting attractions.



  1. The Eduard Bohlen Shipwreck

Coming across a ship out in the desert is quite a strange sight and it is sure to have you thinking up all sorts of interesting stories about just how on earth the ship got there.

The ship sits on a stretch of the Skeleton Coast, an area famous for its treacherous weather and for claiming countless ships throughout the ages. On the 5th of September 1909, the Eduard Bohlen ran aground after being trapped in a thick, sightless fog and has been partly buried in the sand off the coast, and today its eerie skeleton remains.

  1. The Shipwreck Lodge

Playing on the Skeleton Coast’s reputation for leading ships aground, the Shipwreck Lodge is a great place to stay and it is a place that you will remember for the rest of your life. The lodge chalets are shaped like ships, there are 10 of them across the coast and they are pretty isolated, which really makes this place the perfect choice if you are looking for total privacy.

  1. The Fairy Circles

A very strange land formation and one that there is no real explanation for, the Fairy Circles are a number of small patches of landscape that tends to shrink, almost as though they are a living thing. Some people call them footprints of the Gods, and it is easy to believe that when you see these oddities. No matter what the climate is like or what kind of wildlife is in the area, the rings appear, perfectly round and completely natural. You can find them close to the Dead Vlei.

  1. The Dino Prints

People tend to forget that this part of the world is one of the oldest and as such many don’t know that there are various places where they are able to look at real dinosaur footprints, left etched in rock. In the Kalkveld, close to the Omaruru River is the Otjihaenamaparero Farm on which the exposed sandstone hold 200 million year old dinosaur footprints.

  1. The Raft

In Walvis Bay you can enjoy a boat ride and then dine high up in a restaurant on stilts. The restaurant is built in the lagoon, and guests frequently see flamingos, elephant herds and buffalo all while enjoying a meal.