5 Namibia Landscape Tours

Namibia is a majestic place. From the people who make this sandy country such a warm and welcome nation to the flora and fauna, when you sign up for a Namibia tour, there is so much to do and so much more to see.

One of the biggest pulls to the country has to be the landscapes. The amazing landscapes are mostly what makes this nation such an attractive place to visit, because the rolling mountains and the ancient dry deserts are truly something to behold.  Whenever you are travelling through Namibia, you are going to be treated to all sorts of magnificent landscapes, but there are some tours that will really give you are greater appreciation for the sights you are treated to.

At Namibia Safaris, we have a wide range of exciting Namibia tours to choose from. Our guests enjoy multiple days in the vast and beautiful open spaces of Namibia, all while having a really relaxed and laid back kind of break. Namibia tours that focus on giving guests the best views are a great option for those who are keen to take some pretty epic photos as well as those who just want to be sure that they are making the most beautiful memories.

Our choice of landscape tours

It is hard to drive anywhere in Namibia and not see some spectacular views! But for Namibia holidays with landscapes being the main attraction, these are our top 5 tours to choose from.

  1. The 7 Day Southern Kalahari and Namib Desert Explorer

This is a combination tour of the Kalahari Desert and the Namib Desert, and it is definitely one for the more adventurous travellers. Along with getting to take in all of the magnificent landscapes, there is also a wide variety of attractions and places of interest to visit throughout the trip.

  1. The Beautiful Namibia, Beautiful Contrasts Tour

This tour is the ultimate choice for that landscape focused escape. During this tour, you can experience some of the most exquisite landscapes, which include the world famous Namib dunes. For the intrepid traveller, this tour is the ultimate adventure.

  1. The Diverse Landscapes Tour

Well, the name just about says it all! With this tour, you will get to see the best of all that Namibia’s exceedingly beautiful landscapes have to offer, during an epic 24 day tour. Not a single attraction is missed during this trip, and by the time you leave, you will feel as though you have had a full experience of all that Namibia has to offer.

  1. The Beautiful Contrasts Southern Comfort Tour

For 7 days, this amazing tour will take you through some incredibly beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away. Some of the attractions that are included in this trip are the Kalahari, the Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, and all of the attractions in between.

  1. The Jewels of Namibia Tour

Finally, there is the jewels of Namibia tour, which is more urban orientated. It is not only the natural landscapes of Namibia that are unforgettable, so this tour is the perfect option in its own right.