Etosha, Kalahari Desert, Namib Desert, Sesriem, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Windhoek
26 Days

Important Information

Namibia is a destination unlike any other in Africa. With its almost otherworldly dune landscapes, ancient deserts and incredible game viewing opportunities, Namibia is the ultimate African road trip destination for intrepid explorers.

COST & VALIDITY From ZAR 88 845,00
1st January 2022 – 31st October 2022
WHAT TO BRING Comfortable shoes
Warm jackets
Sunhat and sunglasses
Sun cream
Personal belongings
Personal medication
IMPORTANT NOTE  Namibia emergency number: +264 81 127 0564
INCLUDED Accommodation and meals as per itinerary
25 x nights as per itinerary
25 x breakfast
4 x dinners (Hoodia Desert Lodge and Brandberg White Lady Lodge)
4×4 Toyota double cab with fully comprehensive insurance with no excess or similar
GPS (Navigation system) device
15% Value Added Tax
2% tourism levy
The price includes a service fee for the configuration of the requested Tour Package / Services according to your specifications.
NOT INCLUDED Flights and Airport taxes
Travel insurance
Optional and recommended Excursions
Expenses of a personal nature
Visa fees (where applicable)

Please note

Our proposal is subject to availability of the relevant accommodation establishments, pilot and aircraft.


Day 1


Arrival at Windhoek International Airport you will be met by a driver and driven to the rental car company.

Pick up the rental car and drive to Windhoek.

In the afternoon you have the option of taking a city tour of the Namibian capital on your own or booking one.

You can visit the Christ Church, the Equestrian Monument, the old fortress, the gardens of the Ink Palace. A walk along Windhoek’s “boulevard”, Independence Avenue (formerly Kaiserstrasse), is also recommended. Windhoek is the largest city in the country with almost 300,000 inhabitants and is the political, economic and cultural centre. The city is situated at an altitude of 1650 metres, nestled between the Auas Mountains to the south, the Eros Mountains to the north-east and the Khomas Highlands to the west.

Overnight and breakfast, Maison Ambre Guest House.

Travel distance: 42.0 km


Day 2

Windhoek to Mariental

In the morning, drive via Rehoboth and Kalkrand to Kalahari Anib Lodge.

The Kalahari Desert forms a large part of eastern Namibia and stretches about 500 km from north to south. Because of its porous and sandy soil, which does not allow water to be absorbed, the Kalahari is commonly referred to as a desert. In reality, however, it is quite a lively wilderness and huge herds of antelope and other animals graze on its sparsely vegetated grassy plains.

Overnight and breakfast, Kalahari Anib Lodge.

Travel distance: 280.1 km


Day 3


After check-in you have the option to go on a self-guided walk or optionally book a sundowner nature drive to the Red Dunes.

Overnight and breakfast, Kalahari Anib Lodge.


Day 4

Mariental to Fish River Canyon

After breakfast, continue south via Keetmanshoop and the Quiver Tree Forest to Canon Roadhouse.

Keetmanshoop is the administrative centre of southern Namibia. This is where the first Europeans from the South African Cape moved to. In 1866, the missionary Johann Schröder pitched a tent in the settlement. Later he built a hut for himself and his family, then a church made of reeds, which he plastered with dried mud. Lacking money, Schröder turned to the chairman of the Rhenish Mission, the wealthy German entrepreneur Johann Keetman, who donated 2000 Reichsmark to build a proper church. In gratitude, Schröder christened his settlement Keetman, and over time it became Keetmanshoop.

The museum is housed in the picturesque church, completed in 1895, which was built after the old one was destroyed in a flood. The Quiver Tree Forest is situated a few kilometres north-east of Keetmanshoop. The tree aloes are usually solitaires, but here there are over 250 specimens among the black dolerite rocks, forming an unusual “forest”. Some of the large plants are up to 5 m high and their age is estimated at 200-300 years.

You will cross the famous Lion River, a dry river that only carries water in particularly rainy years.

Arrive at Canon Roadhouse in the afternoon and check in.

Overnight and breakfast, Canon Roadhouse.

Travel distance: 393.7 km


Day 5

Fish River Canyon

A walk along the canyon rim with its magnificent photo scenery is unique and certainly one of the highlights of your trip!

The Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon on earth and one of the most important scenic sights in southern Africa. In some places the canyon is up to 27 km wide and 500 metres deep. Only a few plants and animals can survive in the barren landscape. Besides quiver trees, you can see the camel thorn tree and some euphorbias, wild tamarisk and hawthorn grow at the bottom of the canyon. Occasionally you will see mountain zebra, kudu, oryx and klipspringer, and if you are lucky you might even see a leopard.

The afternoon is at leisure.

Relax by the pool or join a nature drive (optional).

Overnight and breakfast, Canon Roadhouse.

Travel distance: 100.0 km


Day 6

Fish River Canyon to Aus

Early in the morning you drive towards Lüderitz via Aus.

Near Aus there is a herd of wild horses, about 150 of them, trotting back and forth between the barren pastures and the waterhole at Garub, having adapted to the conditions of the desert. Near Aus are also the remains of the internment camp from the First World War; from 1915, about 1500 soldiers of the Schutztruppe were imprisoned here for four years.

Overnight and breakfast, Klein Aus Vista Eagle Nest.

Travel distance: 280.9 km


Day 7

Aus to Sossusvlei

After breakfast, drive north along the Namib Rand area. Today you have the opportunity to visit Duwisib Castle on the way.

The initiator of Duwisib Castle was the Saxon Baron von Wolff, who commissioned the Berlin-born architect Sander to build Duwisib Castle in 1908. The forts of the Schutztruppen in Namutoni, Gibeon and Windhoek served as models. Twenty-two rooms are grouped around a beautiful courtyard. Except for the building blocks, the building material and furniture came from Germany. The stonemasons came from Italy, the carpenters from Scandinavia and the builders from Ireland. The castle is furnished with old furniture, pictures and weapons from the last century.

Then on to Hoodia Desert Lodge.

Dinner, overnight and breakfast, Hoodia Desert Lodge.

Travel distance: 360.4 km


Day 8


Early morning departure to Sossusvlei (optional).

Sossusvlei is a large, drainless clay depression surrounded by dunes, some of which are over 300 metres high. Most of the time the depression is dry, but in good rainy years, when the Tsauchab River has enough water, it reaches the depression and forms a lake. From the dunes you have an almost unreal view over the sea of dunes of the Namib Desert.

Afterwards you visit the Sesriem Canyon.

The Sesriem Canyon is particularly impressive. Here the Tsauch River has carved a bed up to 30 m deep through layers of rock that were deposited here 15 to 18 million years ago during a wetter phase of the Namib. The formation of the canyon dates back to 2 to 4 million years ago.

Return to Hoodia Desert Lodge.

In the afternoon you can relax and enjoy the various activities offered by the lodge (optional).

Dinner, overnight and breakfast, Hoodia Desert Lodge.

Travel distance: 200.0 km


Day 9

Sossusvlei to Swakopmund

After breakfast, the journey continues via Solitaire and Walvis Bay to Swakopmund.

Solitaire is 80 km from Rostock Ritz. This place, which is marked on all maps, is nothing more than a crossroads with a petrol station and a shop. The dead tree with a cut-off gas bottle is the bell tower – and landmark of the place.You then drive westwards, through the Naukluft Park down to the coast.

The drive goes over two passes, the Ghaub and the spectacular Kuiseb Pass with its bizarre rock formations. Continue through the endless stony desert of the Pre-Namib until you see the small harbour town of Walvis Bay ahead of you in the haze of the coastal fog.

In Walvis Bay you can visit the lagoon to view many sea birds (especially flamingos and pelicans live here!).

Long and narrow, the Namib stretches over 1900 km from South Africa’s Cape Province to Angola. It is considered one of the oldest deserts on earth.Two year-round rivers cut through the Namib, with the Kunene forming the northern and the Orange the southern border. In the driest areas, it extends up to 200 km inland. Walvis Bay is the only well-developed port on the Namibian coast. Although Namibia gained independence in 1990, Walvis Bay remained a South African enclave until 1994. Walvis Bay is sheltered in a bay, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the golden sand dunes of the Namib. Flamingos and lesser flamingos are often seen foraging in the lagoon.

Arrive in Swakopmund in the late afternoon.

Overnight and breakfast, Cornerstone Guesthouse.

Travel distance: 340.5 km


Day 10


You have the opportunity to visit Swakopmund on your own. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in Swakopmund activities (boat trip) in Walvis Bay with champagne, oysters and snacks, quad bike tour, Living Desert Tour, as well as various sightseeing flights, etc).

This small, pretty coastal town has many beautiful buildings from the German colonial period. You will see the Hohenzollern House, the Woermann Tower, the landing stage, the pier with lighthouse and naval monument and other Art Nouveau buildings. Many inhabitants speak German and you can stroll along Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse or along the Atlantic in Strandstrasse. A visit to the local museum and aquarium is recommended.

Overnight and breakfast, Cornerstone Guesthouse.


Day 11

Swakopmund to Brandberg

After a leisurely breakfast, you drive via Henties Bay and Uis to the Brandberg White Lady Lodge.

En-route you drive past the Brandberg massif. The Brandberg Massif is the highest elevation in the country, the King’s Stone is 2,573 metres high. The massive volcanic massif is visible from afar, jutting out of the 700-metre-high Namib plain. The entire Brandberg massif is about 30 km long and covers an area of 750 square kilometres. In the evening sun, the mountain glows red-golden, but the area is best known for its many petroglyphs. The most famous petroglyphs of the “White Lady” can be reached after a hike of about 2 ½ km.

Dinner, overnight and breakfast, Brandberg White Lady Lodge.

Travel distance: 229.8 km


Day 12


Today, after waking up to utter tranquility, enjoy a hearty breakfast before you set out to explore on your own. One of the most popular activities in the area is the hike to the White Lady Paintings and the Desert Elephant Drive (optional and can be requested at the lodge reception).

Desert Elephant Drive: Desert elephants roam the Ugab River between June/July to Nov/Dec. Their visit to this area is seasonal and depends on the rainy season. The rest of the year (summer time or when the land receives rainfall) they move further north and out of the rivers into farmland. So the rides also depend on the season and whether the elephants are in the area. The drive departs at 8am or 2pm in winter, moving to 4pm in the afternoon in summer. Sightings cannot be guaranteed, but you will be informed of your chances on the day you arrive.

Hikes: Free hiking is available in the area. There are no set trails, but you are welcome to explore the area on foot by following the marked trails around the lodge.

If you don’t want to spend the afternoon by the pool, you can join the optional sunset cruises, which start an hour and a half before sunset. You will be taken on a scenic nature drive around the area before stopping at the perfect spot for a sundowner. Please note that the red colours you see in the photos are only visible on the western side of the mountain at sunset. However, the same effect can be seen early in the morning at sunrise.

Dinner, overnight and breakfast, Brandberg White Lady Lodge.


Day 13

Brandberg to Damaraland

Your journey continues, via Khorixas to Damara Mopane Lodge.

Here you have the opportunity to walk to the sundowner deck a little higher up and enjoy a sundowner (optional) and the breathtaking view.

Overnight and breakfast, Damara Mopane Lodge.

Travel distance: 112.9 km


Day 14


After breakfast, embark on a full-day excursion into the mysterious Damaraland (optional).

Visit the rock engravings of Twyfelfontein, the “Burnt Mountain” and the “Petrified Forest” (optional).

Two geological features you should not miss: The “Organ Pipes”, a series of dolerite columns exposed by erosion, are located in a gorge.

The “Burnt Mountain” takes its name from the accumulations of blackened limestone at its base; black chunks of dolerite, along with the other rocks that glow in a variety of hues, give the impression that a devastating fire has raged here.

Here there is the opportunity to see one of the largest collections of rock engravings in Africa. They have been carefully carved into the rock slabs, which are located on the slopes of the flat mountain. The highlight is the “Dancing Kudu”, which is surrounded by numerous geometric patterns.

About 200 million years ago, these trees were uprooted elsewhere and carried here by rivers during a tidal wave, covered by sediment and eventually exposed again by erosion.

Overnight and breakfast, Damara Mopane Lodge.


Day 15

Damaraland to Etosha South

Continue towards the Etosha National Park and commence your first game drive into the park with your rental car.

Etosha National Park in northern Namibia is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Africa. As early as 1907, Governor von Lindequist declared Etosha a nature reserve on an area five times larger than today’s national park. The current size of Etosha National Park is 22 270 square kilometres. The national park is home to large herds of springbok, impala, zebra and wildebeest as well as elephant, giraffe, lion, leopard, cheetah, black rhino and various species of birds and reptiles.

Overnight and breakfast, Okaukuejo Camp.

Travel distance: 226.1 km


Day 16

Etosha South

After breakfast, you can go on full-day game drives in Etosha National Park from the rental car and visit various waterholes.

Optionally, you can join a guided game drive from the camp.

Overnight and breakfast, Okaukuejo Camp.


Day 17

Etosha South to Etosha East

You haven’t been able to photograph enough animals yet? Today you have another chance to complete your photo collection. Drive across the park and stop at the various waterholes to observe animals.

Overnight and breakfast, Onguma Etosha Aoba Lodge (situated outside the park).

Travel distance: 155.7 km


Day 18

Etosha National Park

Today you have another chance to photograph animals. Optional game drives in four-wheel drive vehicles can be booked.

Overnight and breakfast, Onguma Etosha Aoba Lodge (situated outside the park).


Day 19

Onguma Game Reserve to Grootfontein

After a leisurely breakfast, continue via Tsumeb and Grootfontein to Fiume Lodge. Fiume Lodge is ideally situated for easy access to the Bushman-land, Khaudom National Park and Etosha National Park.

The history of Tsumeb is closely linked to the minerals and ores that were mined here. The town’s museum, which documents the beginnings of mining in Tsumeb, is located in the school building on the main road. There is an interesting mineral exhibition in the museum and the Khora Room houses a collection of German weapons from World War I that were sunk in Lake Otjikoto in 1915 and later recovered.

Overnight and breakfast, Fiume Lodge.

Travel distance: 193.1 km


Day 20


After a leisurely breakfast, this day is free for optional activities such as game drives and bushman walks.

Alternative activities may include a day in the life of a Namibian farmer. You will be greeted by the farmer and given a briefing on the tasks ahead for the day, as well as a little about the history of the farm and what farming in Namibia entails. You will accompany the farmer to observe or actively participate in the tasks scheduled for that day. This may mean fixing a fence or branding some cattle, so get ready for a fabulous trip into real farm life.

In the afternoon, you can explore the area on a sundowner drive. The sundowner drives take place in the late afternoon and last about 2.5 hours. During the drive there is a fun and exciting discovery of the bush and its inhabitants on the 1400 hectare private game farm. Game species on the farm include: Giraffe, Eland, Oryx, Zebra, Kudu, hartebeest, Impala, Springbok, Blesbok, Damara Dik Dik and Ostrich as well as a variety of birds and smaller mammal species.

Look forward to a spectacular Namibian sunset while refreshments, drinks and delicious snacks are served. Definitely a great way to end an already exciting day.

Overnight and breakfast, Fiume Lodge.


Day 21

Grootfontein to Waterberg Plateau National Park

After breakfast, drive via Otavi to the Waterberg.

On this day you have the option to visit the Waterberg Plateau, but you could also visit it in the morning, depending on your preferences.

Overnight and breakfast, Waterberg Guest Farm.

Travel distance: 304.4 km


Day 22

Waterberg Plateau National Park

After breakfast you can visit the Waterberg Plateau Park, which is not far from your guest farm.

The Waterberg Plateau is one of the most impressive landscapes in northern Namibia. The plateau of the national park is 50 km long and about 16 km wide and towers as a table mountain over the surrounding area by about 200 metres. The low-water plateau of the national park is covered by tree and bush savannah, while at the foot of the plateau the vegetation is very diverse. The flora includes wild fig trees, several species of acacia, fire lilies and the coral tree. Some endangered animal species have been reintroduced here, e.g. water buffalo and leopard, as well as several breeding pairs of the rare Cape vulture, ibex, klipspringer, sable and eland antelopes and other mammal and especially bird species. The area is historically significant because of the decisive battle in 1904 between the imperial Schutztruppe and the rebellious Hereros. The military cemetery at the foot of the mountain bears witness to the events of that time.

You can simply relax and unwind by the lodge’s swimming pool, or join an optional afternoon sundowner cruise.

A sundowner is one of the iconic Namibian customs. As you make your way to one of the earthen dams that serve as water reservoirs after good rainy seasons, you will see many different game animals and soak up the magical light before and just after sunset. – Note: The Sundowner Tour can only take place if the Cheetah Conservation Fund visit is not booked.

Overnight and breakfast, Waterberg Guest Farm.

Travel distance: 100.0 km


Day 23

Waterberg Plateau National Park

Breakfast and today is by no means boring as there are many optional activities you can take part in, such as an optional shorter tour in the morning after breakfast or in the afternoon focusing on farming activities. The guide will explain the cattle and horse husbandry and show you some of the Santa Gertrudis cattle and Arabian horses, including how they protect the calves and foals from the numerous leopards that are tolerated here because they were here first.

The other activity is an afternoon visit to the nearby Cheetah Conservation Fund (optional at extra cost).

The afternoon activity takes you across the farm to the Cheetah Conservation Fund and on the way back to a wide open field at the foot of the Waterberg, which we call the Little Serengeti because of its abundance of game. Here you will get an impression of how we farm in the presence of the naturally present game as well as the predators.

At the CCF, a guide from the centre will take over. You will have the opportunity to witness a feeding session – except on Sundays, which is the cheetahs’ fasting day – learn about everything related to the cheetahs’ struggle for survival, and be taken on a drive through an enclosure where you can get up close and personal with some cheetahs that cannot be released into the wild, while the guide answers any questions you may have.

As the sun sets, make your way to the Little Serengeti to see animals such as eland, springbok, hartebeest, oryx antelope and a variety of nocturnal animals such as bat-eared foxes and aardvarks. You may also see a pangolin, porcupine or leopard or two.

Overnight and breakfast, Waterberg Guest Farm.

Travel distance: 100.0 km


Day 24

Waterberg Plateau National Park to Windhoek

Much of the history of the Herero is closely linked to Okahandja. In 1849, the German missionary Friedrich Kolbe settled here; however, when tribal warfare broke out just three months later, he had to leave the mission.

Arrive and check-in at your delightfully and comfortably situated Immanuel Wilderness Lodge, just minutes from Windhoek and offering an oasis of tranquillity in the beautiful Namibian wilderness.

Take a dip in the refreshing pool and indulge in hearty meals prepared by the lodge’s award-winning chef.

Dinner, overnight and breakfast, Immanuel Wilderness Lodge.

Travel distance: 256.8 km


Day 25


After a leisurely and delicious breakfast, you can drive to Windhoek (optional).

In Windhoek, too, African handicrafts are offered everywhere. A visit to the Arts and Craft Centre is very nice. It is located in the valley street that runs parallel to Independence Avenue. Here you will find a large selection of local arts and crafts.

Other available attractions at the lodge is the Wellness Centre, which invites you on a journey of peace and tranquillity to relax and restore body, mind and spirit. Treatments are holistic, intuitive and tailored to resonate with the body and improve mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Tonight offers you the opportunity to enjoy your last evening amidst the African bush with excellent culinary delights.

Dinner, overnight and breakfast, Immanuel Wilderness Lodge.


Day 26


After an unforgettable holiday, it is time to say goodbye to Namibia.

You have the rest of the day at leisure until you reach the airport. Return your rental car and drive to the airport for your flight home.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Southern Africa soon!

Travel distance: 42.0 km

Maison Ambre Guesthouse

Maison Ambre Guesthouse – situated on the scenic eastern slopes of Luxury Hill in Windhoek, offers you excellent accommodation in beautiful surroundings only 2 minutes drive from the city centre and many tourist attractions. Maison Ambre Guesthouse offers both business travellers and tourists 5 comfortable luxury double rooms with en-suite shower and toilets. At Maison Ambre Guesthouse all rooms and apartments have airconditioning, roof ventilators, heating, kettle, fridge, wall-safe, alarm-clockradio, satellite television and hair dryers.

Guests are treated to a scrumptious breakfast buffet, served in personal atmosphere in the stunnung breakfast room, or depending on the weather under african skies on the sun deck which has modern decor and stylish furnishings. The Guesthouse is nestled within the hills of the panoramic Klein Windhoek valley and offers a green garden which invites our guests to relax in real Namibian comfort with its tranquil nature and great birdlife. A heated swimming pool, outside-bar and patio is there for your enjoyment.

Kalahari Anib Lodge

Kalahari Anib Lodge is located 30 km northeast of Mariental on the C 20 (Kalahari). Savour the Kalahari Desert at this easily accessible lodge. 30 standard rooms flank a shady courtyard, with another 22 comfort overlooking Kalahari savannah. Stretch legs on the walks and join the afternoon drive to experience the red Kalahari sands aglow with an inner fire.

Canyon Roadhouse Gondwana Collection Namibia

Canyon Roadhouse is located 20 km east of the Fish River Canyon on the C 37. Fill up with smiles at this innovative lodge that celebrates the good old days of the automobile. It offers peaceful slumber in 24 spacious rooms and boasts a pool, a campsite, a fuel station, an inviting terrace and the most extraordinary restaurant in southern Namibia.

Klein-Aus Vista Desert Horse Inn

Desert Horse Inn is located 2 km west of Aus on the B 4 (Aus / Wild Horses). Where the subtle colours of the grassy Pro-Namib merge with Namib sands in a lovers’ embrace, you’ll find Klein Aus Vista. Surrounded by the rocky Aus hills, Desert Horse Inn is an attractive base for a sojourn in south-western Namibia en route to the famed dunes of Sossusvlei.

Hoodia Desert Lodge

We invite you to experience the beauty and tranquillity of Hoodia Desert Lodge, surrounded by majestic mountains on the banks of the Tsauchab River. Only a 20-minute drive will bring you to the Sesriem Gate, the entrance of the world-famous red sand-dunes of Sossusvlei. You will meet enthusiastic people, keen to share your adventures and the friendliness and personal attention of our staff will make your stay memorable. We love to share our knowledge about the region with its secrets, and our guided tours are an ideal entrance to the magical world of the desert.

Cornerstone Guesthouse

Cornerstone Guesthouse is a small, private and peaceful bed and breakfast an easy walk to the sea and the town centre of Swakopmund on Namibia’s fascinating Skeleton Coast. Occupying a quiet corner of Swakopmund’s old town near the marine museum and the old brewery, Cornerstone Guesthouse offers the charm and intimacy of a family-run B&B combined with the modern amenities of a luxury hotel. Within a few minutes from the guest house you can walk to beaches, cafés, restaurants, lively pubs, Swakopmund tourist attractions and a variety of interesting shops and markets in the town.

Brandberg White Lady Lodge

Brandberg White Lady Lodge is named after the San paintings for which the Brandberg became famous. It is a place where you will feel at home and enjoy a true warm-hearted hospitality, “tranquility” is name of the game. At the Lodge you find a fully licensed restaurant, a well stocked bar, comfortable lounge and a large pool area. And if you are lucky you might see a desert adapted elephant.

Damara Mopane Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia

Damara Mopane Lodge is located 20 km east of Khorixas on the C 39 (Damaraland). Built in a labyrinth design, this innovative lodge has 55 chalets, each with its own vegetable garden. Savour the charm from your stoep where sunflowers peep over walls, refresh in the pool, visit the Twyfelfontein rock engravings 100km away and watch the sun sink into mopane woodland.

Okaukuejo Resort

Okaukuejo is located 17 km from the southern entrance of the park, and famous for its flood-lit waterhole, where visitors can observe at close quarters a spectacle of wildlife congregating and interacting. Accommodation is provided to suit every need, in premier bush chalets overlooking the waterhole; bush chalets and double rooms or family chalets. Other facilities include a restaurant, bar, shop, swimming pool, kiosk and camping facilities.

Onguma Etosha Aoba Lodge

Welcome to the Namibian Wilderness. Welcome to Etosha Aoba Lodge – situated on a 36.000 ha private game reserve adjacent to the Etosha National Park. Nature and leisure at it’s best – where you can participate in any of the memorable activities or relax in a pleasant bush atmosphere.

Onguma Etosha Aoba is located along the dry “Omuramba Owambo” riverbed close to the Lapa. All bungalows have a private terrace with seating, shower / toilet, mini safe, “bush-minibar”, ceiling fan and tea / coffee facilities. For the winter season there are heating fans available. There is a swimming pool and a thatched bar, lounge and dining area that overlooks a small waterhole and free WIFI. The new water-level hide will provide hours of game viewing opportunities for guests. Onguma Nature Reserve now offers guests an opportunity to start their safari from the moment they touch down at the private airstrip!

Fiume Lodge & Game Farm

Fiume is situated just 35 km north from the town of Grootfontein and 3 km from the B8. The Lodge is an ideal stopover for traveller’s en-route to the north of Namibia, the Caprivi as well as Botswana and the Victoria Falls. And this ideal location provides easy access to Bushmanland, Khaudom National Park and the Etosha National Park. The owner-managed lodge is situated on a 1400 ha private game farm, with more than 10 different big game species and smaller mammal species.

Comfortable accommodation is offered in 9 stylish chalets, all equipped with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, twin-beds and built-in cupboards to lock in valuables for peace of mind. All chalets are furnished with rose wood to create that cosy “warm” feeling people appreciate when traveling far from home. Two chalets are slightly bigger and have their own unique cosy feeling and interior. They can be used as a family unit on request.

Waterberg Guest Farm

Our guests are pampered in a style befitting the spectacular surroundings. The original 1930s manager’s house was converted into a guesthouse with 4 double and twin rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms.

The spacious dining room is also located in the guesthouse, along with the comfortable lounge – the perfect spot to relax after a long day outdoors. Guests can also soak up the atmosphere of the unspoilt African bush in two secluded, luxury ‘bush bungalows’ situated 160 metres from the main guesthouse. The truly unique bungalows are built according to the traditional Herero method using natural materials from the surrounding mountains.

While the bungalows themselves are constructed with only natural materials, the interiors are decorated in contemporary African design and offer all the modern amenities to ensure your comfort. They also offer the unique choice of showers either inside or outside, surrounded by breathtaking views!

The traditional African grass-roofed “lapa” next to the swimming pool offers al fresco dining and a fully stocked ‘honesty bar’. Here guests can sit on the wooden deck and watch the floodlit waterhole as antelope, warthog and the occasional leopard come to drink, and in turn, be watched by our resident family of baboons. Animals can be viewed on guided game drives through the rugged surrounding terrain in four-wheel drive vehicles, or just by sitting on the viewing deck at our floodlit waterhole.

Immanuel Lodge

Conveniently located just minutes from the city of Windhoek, Immanuel Wilderness Lodge offers an oasis of tranquility in the magnificent Namibian Savannah. This comfortable, family-run lodge makes an ideal base for exploring the remarkable surrounding wilderness. Traditional thatched roofs and rustic details create an authentically African atmosphere while lovely ensuite bathrooms and luxurious touched add all the comforts of home. Revitalise yourself in the refreshing pool and indulge in some hearty meals served by the lodge’s award-winning chef.

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