Sesriem, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Windhoek
9 Days

What to expect

Namibia is an ancient and historic destination which is well-known for its gorgeous landscapes and the nearly endless stretches of open, empty roads that will have you feeling as though you are on a completely different planet all together.

Exploring Namibia is something best done by road, and the intertwining roads can take you literally anywhere when you are travelling in this desert country. On this incredible 9 Day Namibia Self-Drive Safari, you will experience nothing but the best of what this country has to offer. From the historical capital city of Windhoek, to the legendary sand dunes of the Sossusvlei and the unbelievable Sesriem Canyon, and all the little towns in between, this tour is ideal for anyone keen on an adventure.

9-Day Namibia Self-Drive Safari

  • starts and ends in Windhoek
  • self-drive (rental car and transfers rates on request)
  • info pack upon arrival with maps, routes, contact numbers and accommodation vouchers
  • many optional activities to choose from (rates on request)
  • two guided, open-safari vehicle game drives in Erindi Private Game Reserve
  • customized departure dates
  • minimum 2 pax



COST & VALIDITY 1 January to 31 October 2021
  • R 16,710 pp sharing
  • R 4,470 single supplement
WHAT TO BRING Comfortable shoes
Warm jackets
Sunhat and sunglasses
Sun cream
Personal belongings
Personal medication
IMPORTANT NOTE  Namibia emergency number: +264 81 127 0564
8 nights’ accommodation
(2 nights Windhoek, 2 nights Sossusvlei, 2 nights Swakopmund and 2 nights Erindi Private Game Reserve)
8 breakfasts
4 dinners
(2 dinners at Sossusvlei Lodge and 2 dinners at Old Traders Lodge)
1 lunch at Old Traders Lodge
2 game drives in Erindi Private Game Reserve
Tourism levy
15% VAT
Rental car and fuel
All entrances and activities
Meals not specified
Travel insurance
Optional activities and excursions (rates on request)
Expenses of a personal nature
Visa fees (where applicable)
Airport taxes

Please note

Approx. 85% of Namibian roads are untarred. We strongly advise you to rent a four by four. Also, Hosea Kutako International Airport in Namibia is 45 km east of Windhoek where most rental car companies are located. Please arrange with your rental car company to be collected from the airport and transferred to Windhoek where you can pick up your rental car. We would be happy to arrange a rental car for your convenience if you prefer. Rates on request.


Day 1

Windhoek | Am Weinberg Estate Boutique Hotel | 1 Night Bed & Breakfast

The start of this tour begins with you arriving at Hosea Kutako International Airport, exchanging money and getting your hands on an MTC telephone card so that you can keep in touch with emergency services and loved ones, before venturing to Windhoek, which is around 35km away from the airport. Here you will collect your rental car and drive yourself to the AM Weinberg Estate Boutique Hotel, your home for the night.

Before you set off, you will receive your map, the routes you will take, the contact numbers of people you might need assistance from, and other helpful information. Once settled at the hotel, you will have an afternoon of exploring to enjoy. Some of the places in Windhoek that you should visit include the Alte Feste Museum, Tintenpalast, and Christuskirche. If you are not keen on driving yourself, you can always book a 3 hour tour of the city, just ask us in advance.

Back at the Am Weinberg Estate, you can tuck into a delicious dinner, which includes an array of sundowners and various finger foods (tapas) dishes. The meals are served at the beautiful and sophisticated Wine Lounge, which is known for its seafood and locally sourced ingredients. You can also look forward to excellent steaks.

Distance travelled:
Approx. 45 km from Hosea Kutako International Airport to Windhoek

Please note:
Most rental car companies are located in Windhoek, 45 km to the west of the airport. If you book your car rental through us, we will arrange for a representative of the car rental company to meet you at the airport and transfer you to Windhoek where you can collect your four-by-four and proceed to your hotel. Rates on request. Airport transfer and the rental car not included in the price of the safari.

The majority of rental car companies are in Windhoek, 45 kilometers west of the airport. Should you wish to book your car rental using us, we will arrange for someone from the car rental company to meet you at the airport and drive you to Windhoek where you can collect your vehicle, before heading off to the hotel.

Rates are available upon request. The cost of rentals are not part of the tour package prices.

2 & 3

Day 2 & Day 3

Namib Naukluft Park | Sossusvlei Lodge | 2 Nights Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

The start of the safari tour really begins on the 2nd day, when you get behind the wheel and leave the hotel soon after breakfast. You can reach the Sossusvlei by around 14h00 if you leave the hotel at about 9h00. You will be heading to the Sossusvlei Lodge which is close to the entrance of the Namib Naukluft Park. The road most of the way there is tarred and you will need to get used to driving on the left side of the road. As you get closer to the lodge, the road turns to gravel.

All along the way you should stop off and just take in the sights. There is so much beauty to see and if you plan your journey just right, you will see so much and still arrive at the lodge in the mid afternoon. From the lodge, you can take part in an afternoon nature drive, or you can simply relax after your days drive.

An afternoon at the Adventure Centre is highly recommended, and these are some of the things you can do:

  • Hot air ballooning over the heart of the Namib Desert
  • A scenic light aircraft flights over the shipwrecks dotting the forbidden coast
  • A guided quad buggy nature drive
  • A guided Sossusvlei and Deadvlei excursion (see our Recommendations for Day 3)
  • A guided Elim Dune nature walk
  • A guided Sesriem Canyon excursion (see our Recommendations for Day 3)

The Sossusvlei Lodge serves up some truly delicious meals out on their terrace, which overlooks the beautiful landscapes and a waterhole where all sorts of wildlife, including springbok, jackal, and oryx can be seen. You can also head to the bar where you can enjoy a drink in the garden or sit around the fire pit underneath the ancient Acacia trees.

Day 3 is an exciting one, full of adventure as you will be heading to the Sossusvlei first thing in the morning. The Sossuvlei is a famous part of Namibia. It is a salt and clay pan, surrounded by huge sand dunes and it is every photographers dream destination. Close to it is the Deadvlei which has other worldly petrified trees which date back some 900 years. They rise up out of the pan, like ghosts, and with the backdrop of the blue skies and red sands, you will be left in awe of what you see. While in the area, it is also important to see the caves and rock formations of the Sesriem Canyon.

To make the most of this day, we encourage you to have a chat with the helpful team at the Sossusvlei Lodge Adventure Centre. They can help you plan your trip and this is important if you want to avoid the heat that can easily catch you off guard. They will also be able to give you great advice about which hiking trails are easy and which are a little more challenging.

Distance travelled:

  • Approx. 340 km from Windhoek to Sossusvlei Lodge
  • Approx. 60 km from Sossusvlei Lodge to Sossusvlei Pan
4 & 5

Day 4 & Day 5

Swakopmund & Walvis Bay | Strand Hotel Swakopmund | 2 Nights Bed & Breakfast

The 4th day of this fun tour begins with another delicious meal and then it is off to the picturesque town of Swakopmund. This lovely little town seems to always be cooled off by the Atlantic Ocean breezes, and this is such a welcome feeling after the intense heat of the desert. The drive to this coastal town can is on a gravel road, and there are many places to stop and enjoy the sights along the way.

Some highlights en-route to Swakopmund include:

  • A visit to the  dusty desert village of Solitaire with its quirky car graveyard, old-fashioned convenience store and legendary Moose McGregor’s Desert Bakery where you have to try the best apple pie in Namibia.
  • Drive through the iconic Tropic of Capricorn road sign which marks the earth’s southernmost latitude. This imaginary line passes through Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Australia and French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Fiji, Tonga, the Cook Islands and Pitcairn, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.
  • A drive through the Gaub Pass and Kuiseb Pass
  • Stop off at the various picnic spots and scenic viewpoints.

You will be staying at the ocean facing Strand Hotel Swakopmund for the next two nights and after the long drive here, you will have loads of time to spend the afternoon taking a long walk on the beach or just exploring all that the town has to offer. A few places that you should take the time to see include:

  • The Woermannhaus which was constructed in 1905 by the German trading company, Woermann, and was used as their headquarters.
  • The Altes Gefängnis, which was constructed in 1909 and is now a national historic landmark which still functions as a prison.
  • The Alte Kaserne which was originally built to house engineer corps troops.
  • The gorgeous 1906 Art Nouveau building called Haus Hohenzollern, which was once a luxury hotel.
  • Seeing the old Wilhelminian-style Railway Station.
  • Taking a walk to the Jetty 1905 Restaurant on the Swakopmund Jetty, which is much-loved for its incredible views, casual atmosphere and delicious seafood.
  • A half-day West Coast Bites and Brews tasting tour of a local olive farm, Jojoba plantation, coffee roastery and gin distillery.

In the evening, you have the choice of a few restaurants to have your dinner. There is the Brewer & Butcher with its in-house beer brewery, and the Farmhosue Deli with its Italian and Ocean Cellar which makes some truly delectable seafood and has a wonderful wine list.

Please note:

Make sure that you ask for a reservation when you check into the hotel and you can also ask the hotel for recommendations of places to eat in Swakopmund. The Jetty 1905 Restaurant in particular is popular.

Recommendations for Day 5
There are several activities available in the nearby harbour town of Walvis Bay which is a short 45-km drive from Swakopmund. Many clients leave Swakopmund after breakfast on the morning of Day 5 and spend the day in Walvis Bay doing a combination of the following activities at their leisure:> a morning Dolphin & Seal Catamaran Cruise from Walvis Bay to Pelican Point

There are plenty of things you can do on day 5 and we recommend that you head to Walvis Bay, which is only about 45km away from Swakopmund. You can leave Swakopmund soon after breakfast and spend the rest of the day in Walvis Bay, enjoying all sorts of activities including:

  • A Dolphin and Seal Catamaran Cruise from Walvis Bay to Pelican Point.
  • A half-day spent at Pelican Point Kayaking Tour, where you will see the thousand-strong colony of Cape fur seals.
  • An adventurous dune Quad Bike Tour of the Kuiseb Delta.
  • A full-day guided tour of Sandwich Harbour.

Please note:
Ask reservations to book a table for dinner when you check in at the Strand Hotel Swakopmund. You can also ask them what other dining options they recommend in Swakopmund. The Jetty 1905 Restaurant is a popular choice.

Distance travelled

  • Approx. 350 km from Sossusvlei Lodge to Strand Hotel Swakopmund
  • Approx. 45 km from Strand Hotel Swakopmund to Walvis Bay
6 & 7

Day 6 & Day 7

Erindi Private Game Reserve | Old Traders Lodge | 2 Nights Dinner, Bed & Breakfast incl. 1 Lunch

On Day 6 you will be leaving Swakopmund and heading towards the famous Spitzkoppe rock formations. The Spitzkoppe formation consists of 120 million year old granite boulders and beyond that you can see the Inselbergs in the distance. The trip to Spitzkoppe is taken via a route Usakos and once you get to Usakos you have the option of a detour to the Omandumba San Cultural Village. This is an interesting, living monument to the indigenous people who are the original inhabitants of Southern Africa. This tour will need to be booked in advance so it is important to make your booking before you leave Swakopmund.

By afternoon, you will arrive at the Old Traders Lodge in the Erindi Private Game Reserve. You will need to check in before enjoying a little down time. In the evening, you can tuck into dinner and sundowners, while enjoying the view of the nearby waterhole where hippo, elephant and crocodile are often seen.

Day 7 is all about the African safari and you can enjoy a world class game drive in the company of an experienced guide. You will travel through the Erindi Private Game Reserve in the early morning and again in the late afternoon, the two best times of the day to see wildlife. Some of the animals you can see during your game drive include lion, hyena, wild dog, klipspringer, steenbuck, wildebeest, zebra, impala, kudu, duiker, leopard, and cheetah.

Please note.You can book another early more game drive on the day that you will be leaving Erindi Private Game Reserve (Day 8). Please be sure that you make your booking on the evening of Day 7.

Distance travelled

  • Approx. 280 km from Swakopmund to Erindi Private Game Reserve

Day 8

Windhoek | Am Weinberg Estate Boutique Hotel | 1 Night Bed & Breakfast

It is the final full day of your tour and you will start by leaving the Erindi Private Game Reserve soon after you have had breakfast. You will be driving all the way back to Windhoek and checking into the AM Weinberg Estate Boutique Hotel.
Should you have an early morning flight out of Windhoek the next morning, you should return your vehicle before you head to the hotel. You can ask for the hotel to transfer you to the airport when the time comes to head home.

Distance travelled

  • Approx. 180 km from Erindi Private Game Reserve to Windhoek

Day 9

Hosea Kutako International Airport

This is the last day of your exciting 9 Day Namibia Self-Drive Safari. After you have had breakfast, you will check out of your Windhoek hotel and head to the Hosea Kutako International Airport to catch your flight back home.

Distance travelled

  • Approx. 45 km from Windhoek to Hosea Kutako International Airport

ON your arrival in Windhoek, you will be given the information pack that will contain everything you need to navigate this safari trip. This pack is collected from reception and it contains:

  • A map of Namibia with the location of your accommodation highlighted.
  • A list of important telephone numbers, which include emergency contact numbers such as +264 81 127 0564
  • Accommodation vouchers
  • Helpful information about Namibia
  • A detailed itinerary of activities booked

Accommodation check-ins need to be done after 14h00 and you will need to check-out by 10h00. If you arrive at the hotels before 14h00 you can only check-in if your room is ready for you and this is not always possible during the peak season.


Day 1

Windhoek | 1 Night Bed & Breakfast

Am Weinberg Estate Boutique Hotel

Elegant and exclusive, Am Weinberg Estate Boutique Hotel is situated in Klein Windhoek in close proximity to the National Botanical Gardens, Avis Dam Nature Reserve and the Independence Museum. The en-suite Courtyard Fountain Rooms are air-conditioned and have flat-screen TVs. Despite their modern amenities, the rooms at Am Weinberg Estate Boutique Hotel exude an old-world charm.

Other facilities include

  • an outdoor swimming pool
  • three upmarket lounge spaces
  • two elegant restaurants within the estate
  • a delicatessen within the estate
  • a spa offering beauty treatments and spa packages
  • 24-hour front desk
  • free WiFi
  • free parking
2 & 3

Day 2 & Day 3

Outside Namib Naukluft Park | 2 Nights Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

Sossusvlei Lodge

Sossusvlei Lodge is conveniently located at the entrance gate to the Namib Naukluft Park. The large, air-conditioned, en-suite Superior Units have desert-facing patios, twin beds and a refreshment niche with refrigerator and tea and coffee making facilities. Two of the Superior Units are wheelchair friendly. The en-suite bathroom has both a bathtub and a large shower, a toilet and a double vanity.

Other facilities include:

  • an outdoor swimming pool
  • free WiFi at reception
  • a dining terrace that overlooks a floodlit waterhole
  • an air-conditioned bar area
  • a sundowner deck with views of Elim Dune
  • a shaded beer garden
  • a curio shop
  • an adventure centre
4 & 5

Day 4 & Day 5

Swakopmund & Walvis Bay | 2 Nights Bed & Breakfast

Strand Hotel Swakopmund

The Strand Hotel Swakopmund is located on the beachfront. The elegant, sea-facing, air-conditioned, en-suite Luxury Rooms have WiFi and a TV. The bathrooms have a shower, separate toilet and double vanities. There is also a couch and two comfortable armchairs in the room.

Other facilities include:

  • Free WiFi
  • a deli restaurant
  • a seafood restaurant
  • a small brewery
  • a lounge bar
  • a pavilion on the beach
  • room service
  • a spa with a rooftop garden with water features
  • a gym
  • a private beach area
  • a garden
  • a tour desk
6 & 7

Day 6 & Day 7

Erindi Private Game Reserve | 2 Nights Bed & Breakfast incl. 1 Lunch

Old Traders Lodge

Surrounded by indigenous trees, the suites at Old Traders Lodge in Erindi Private Game Reserve exude an old-world safari charm. The air-conditioned, en-suite Luxury Suites with their bedroom and cosy lounge are well-equipped with minibar, coffee and tea station and large screen satellite TV area. Each has a patio which faces a small but well-frequented waterhole.

Other facilities include:

  • a swimming pool
  • WiFi
  • colonial-style restaurant
  • waterhole facing viewing deck
  • room service

Day 8

Windhoek | 1 Night Bed & Breakfast

Am Weinberg Estate Boutique Hotel

Same as Day 1.

Accommodation is subject to availability. If we are unable to book accommodation as stated, we will look for a similar alternative and advise you accordingly.

Payment Terms

  • 20% pre-payment at time of booking.
  • Balance to be settled 60 days prior to travel.
  • Payment to be made in ZAR (South African Rands).
  • The customer is liable for any bank charges.

Banking Details

Account holder: Africa Focus Tours Namibia (Pty) ltd
Bank: Nedbank Namibia
Account number: 110 000 707 52
Branch code: 461 696
Swift code: NEDSNANX

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations 90 to 45 days prior to travel forfeit 20% of the full booking amount (ie deposit)
  • Cancellations 44 to 30 days prior to travel forfeit 30% of the full booking amount
  • Cancellations 29 to 15 days prior to travel forfeit 40% of the full booking amount
  • Cancellations 14 to 8 days prior to travel forfeit 60% of the full booking amount
  • Cancellations 7 days to NO SHOW forfeit 100% of the full booking amount
  • Special cancellation terms may apply for certain products and services.

Terms & Conditions

General Terms

  • Price quoted per person.
  • Minimum of 2 pax required for tour departure.
  • The hotels mentioned in the itinerary will depend on availability at the time of making the booking and any alternatives will be of a similar standard.
  • This is merely a quotation and not a confirmed booking.


Seek your doctor’s advice with regards to vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis.

Travelling with Children

  • Parents travelling with children must provide an unabridged birth certificate which includes details of the child’s father as well as the mother for all travelling children. This applies even when both parents are travelling with their children.
  • When children are travelling with guardians, these adults are required to produce affidavits from the children’s parents proving permission for the children to travel.The above applies to foreigners and South Africans travelling to or from South Africa as well as travellers in transit.
  • Please note that the child must be the appropriate age (according to accommodation stipulated) at the time of travel.
    Unless otherwise specified, children under 12 years of age qualify as a child rate and over 12 years of age as an adult rate.
    Rates and policies for children under 12 years of age on request.
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