Shop Namibia

Namibia is best known for being a popular tourist attraction. Each year, thousands, if not millions, of travellers will pass through the country, attracted to the unbelievably magical landscapes, historical attractions and wildlife sightings. But for some tourists, there is also the opportunity to eat and shop, which is part of the fun of coming here for a holiday.

Namibia is a modern nation, and the towns and the country’s capital Windhoek, in particular, are home to some incredible local shops, all run by talented business people. When you do a little shopping in Namibia, whether you are looking for a couple of treasured pieces to take home with you, to look back on and fondly remember the time you spent on your Namibia tour, or if you are just looking for a couple of snacks to take with you on the road, here’s a mix of some of the best places to shop in Namibia.


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  1. The Belgian Choclatique

Swoon-worthy hand-crafted Belgian chocolates fill the shelves in the Belgian Choclatique, and one bite will have you thinking you are in heaven. This little shop, owned by Adelaine Bruwer and situated in Swakopmund, sells more than 90 different types of Belgian chocolates and it is a fully Namibian brand. If you are a chocoholic, this is one shop you don’t want to miss. Make sure that you treat yourself when you next find yourself in Swakopmund.

  1. Namibia Craft Centre

Home to up to 38 craft stalls, most of which are from rural communities and proudly Namibian brands that uplift communities and ethnic groups alike. You will find a large range of goods for sale here, from jewellery to ornaments and so much more. There is also all sorts of the freshest Namibian food on sale here.

  1. Karakulia Weavers

Rugs and all sorts of other hand weaved items are available for sale from Karakulia Weavers, and there is also a lot to learn while visiting their shop. Situated in Swakopmund, this is an incredibly special place and absolutely worth stopping off at for a visit.

  1. Herrle & Herma Jewellers

If you want to take something extra special home with your after your Namibia safari, why not buy a piece of handcrafted jewellery from Herrle & Herma, a Windhoek based jewellery manufacturer? This shop stocks a selection of stunning pieces and if you can find something you like, they also offer the option of custom making something for you. The shop gets rave reviews from its clients and having a piece of jewellery from Namibia, something you wear every day, will be a treasured reminder of your time spent here.

  1. The Diamond Works

Another jewellery shop in Windhoek, but one that also offers a free Diamond Tour, a stop at The Diamond Works will blow your mind and have you day dreaming about its beautiful jewellery and breath taking diamonds and semi-precious stones. Here you can learn everything there is to know about the diamonds of Namibia and at the end up can buy something extra memorable to take home.