A lot of Namibia safaris begin and end in Windhoek, so it makes sense to head to a bar and indulge in a little of the city’s culture. Although much of Namibia is known for being a bit of an arid destination, with wide open spaces between the towns and villages, the more populated areas are modern and full of fantastic places to get some grub. The country is also home to numerous breweries, and many of the most distinctly delicious beverages can be ordered in a bar in Namibia.

It is not at all difficult to find an amazing bar in Windhoek, one with a kicking vibe and awesome hospitality. Whether you are looking for a quiet spot where you can sip on a glass of wine and reflect on your time in Namibia, or if you are longing for a beer after a long, hot day spent exploring the great outdoors, here are just a handful of the bars that you can head to.



  1. Andy’s Pub and Restaurant

An incredibly popular place with locals and traveller’s alike, at Andy’s Pub and Restaurant there’s a bustling beer garden that is always full of life and has some of the best pizza in town. The inside of the pub is decorated with a couple of interesting choices and the joint is always full of people.

  1. Que Tapas!

Good food, good vibe, great drinks, Que Tapas! has so much goodness and it is certainly the kind of place that you will want to visit when you find yourself in town. Que’s is the perfect option for a night out, and you can sit outside under the trees, enjoying the salsa music and tucking into some really tasty food, while sipping on your favourite drink. As the name says, this is a tapas restaurant, but it also has all sorts of other Spanish inspired meals.

  1. DoubleMT

A place that is more of a night club than a bar, at DoubleMT you can look forward to great live music performed by some of Namibia’s top musicians. DoubtMT is definitely invested in the party scene, making it a great place for young people to dance the night away.

  1. The Wolf Shack

With a name like that you can expect a memorable time. At The Wolf Shack, you will feel right at home in the unassuming, made to be without pretence bar. There is quite a selection of craft beers and gin to be enjoyed here and some comfortable pallet furniture to relax on. The Wolf Shack also has quite an impressive red wine selection.

  1. Joker’s

Cold beer and a really good time spent enjoying the simpler things in life are what you can expect when you come to Joker’s. This bar plays host to some of the best live music as well, which means that for many this bar has become one of Windhoek’s must visit places if you are looking for a great time.