A visit to Namibia is all about the scenery, the incredible history and the amazing people, cultures and traditions. But while you are here you’ve got to eat and drink right? And if you love your coffee as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know that Namibia has some of the best coffee shops, many of which double as speciality coffee roasters.

The best coffee shops in Namibia can be found spread out over the many hip and happening cities including Windhoek, Swakopmund and Luderitz. These coffee shops offer excellent fresh coffee as well as a range of delectable foods, perfect for those days when you are on the move and in need of a pick me up snack.

When in Namibia, enjoying a once in a lifetime Namibia tour, check out a couple of these amazing coffee shops.

Image Credit: Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas (Pexels)
  1. Diaz Coffee in Luderitz

A coffee shop dedicated to only serving up coffee roasted to perfection in Namibia, at Diaz Coffee you can find the perfect blend. Many a tourist has started their day at Diaz Coffee, getting their fill before going on their Namibia safari. The shop also has a fabulous menu, which serves breakfast all day and if you are looking for something other than coffee, you can opt for a glass of wine instead.

  1. Two Beards Roastery in Swakopmund

Swakopmund is the hip and happening town that seems to have it all. Great attractions, good vibes, and the best coffee. At Two Beards Roastery, which is just outside the town, you can enjoy a cuppa and some food at the gourmet coffee bar and bistro.

  1. Slow Town in Swakopmund and Windhoek

There is a Slow Town in both of these Namibian towns and this spot is all about the coffee. There is not much else on the menu, so be prepared for that when you decide to stop here for your refreshing cup of coffee. You can also grab a slice of cake or a couple of biscuits when here.

  1. Village Café in Swakopmund

In Swakopmund you will find the colourful Village Café, complete with its elaborate garden. Along with providing a great selection of coffee, the café also has a delicious menu of breakfast and lunch meals. This café also caters to the vegan community, by including a number of vegan options on their menu.

  1. Cordes & Co. in Swakopmund

The coastal town of Swakopmund is definitely the place to go if you want to be spoiled for choice when it comes to coffee and all things scrumptious. This coffee shop is well known for its breakfasts and for its pancakes, which are quite legendary. You can indulge in all sorts of speciality coffees, all while sitting outside in the courtyard. Many people like to start their morning here before they head out for the day’s adventure.