So many options, so little time. If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a food fundie, the only thing that will disappoint you in Swakopmund is the fact that you can’t dine in every establishment before the end of your Namibia safari.

Swakopmund is considered by many to be the cultural capital of Namibia. It is a small town that pulls in celebrities from all over the world, lures the artistically minded travellers, and is home to a fun and eclectic crowd who make for a fantastic crowd when you are staying in the town and looking for a place to have a meal.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just a snack, it doesn’t matter what meal you are in the mood for, when you are in Swakopmund, you can find a couple of great places to eat.



  1. Kucki’s Pub

This bar and restaurant has been in the business for a couple of decades and they have earned themselves a great reputation for exceptional service as well as the tastiest meaty comfort food and seafood delicacies. For many, this pub and restaurant is the top choice for many who visit or live here. And along with some of the best food in town, you can also look forward to a wholesome, warm atmosphere.

  1. Garden Café

Well away from the main street, and with open air tables and chairs, Garden Café offers a natural vibe and a wonderful place to tuck into freshly made burgers, salads, and wraps, as well as desserts that you will not stop thinking about for days. The Garden Café also offers some of the best service in town. And if you are a knitter or someone interested in crafting, there is a wool and craft shop attached to the café.

  1. Swakopmund Brauhaus

A boutique brewery serving up German style beer, the Swakopmund Brauhaus has a legion of fans and you could be one too after you spend some time here sipping on a frothy brew. And with a plate of mixed sausages, sauerkraut and spicy mustard to keep you filled, you don’t need much of an excuse to sit here for an afternoon and soak up the vibe, while enjoying some authentic German cuisine.

  1. Fish Deli

A town next to the ocean must be the best place in the world to eat fresh fish, and you’d be quite right. At the Fish Deli, you can eat some of the best seafood in town, and all of it is right out of the ocean, with not a single thing frozen before being served to you. Along with tasty cooked meals, you can also order something from the sushi menu.

  1. Napolitana

From German inspired treats to an American Wild West meets Italian dining, Swakopmund really has it all. At Napolitana you can indulge in some of the best freshly made pizza, pasta and Italian inspired desserts. This is a family restaurant and a great place for a laidback meal while you are in town for your Namibia safari.