What is Responsible Tourism?

Namibia is one of the last untouched places in Africa. A destination that is full of incredible scenery and which has so much natural beautiful, Namibia is a special place for many reasons, and one destination that deserves to be kept special. For this reason, those who are visiting Namibia for a holiday should make a point of practising what is known as responsible tourism.

What is responsible tourism?

Just as the rest of the world is going green and trying to make an effort to reduce the effects of climate change through being more thoughtful about their carbon footprints, the tourism industry has developed its own methods to reduce the impact that each tourist has on the destination that they are visiting.

Responsible tourism takes on many forms and is not exclusively about the direct impact on the earth itself. While making sure that you are only leaving behind your footprints and having a minimal carbon impact is one of the main goals, you can go beyond that when looking to make sure that you are a responsible tourist.

For starters, you can practice ethical financial transactions. These fancy sounding words basically just mean you should make sure that you support the local market in the most ethical way possible. The best way to do this is to shop local and to support the local services, including those relating to the tourism market. If you are going to go on a local tour and you are looking for a guide to help you out, it would be best to call on a local. And you shouldn’t haggle.



Finally, you should think about supporting the local communities. Namibia has some of the most fascinating tribes of people, many of whom are still living according to their ancestral roots. A couple of these tribes allow outsiders to visit and this means you can go into their village and learn more about how they live their day to day lives. It also allows you to give your support to them financially, as they often charge a small fee for visiting. Although these people are living very traditional lives, they still have to pay for certain things.

Other ways to travel responsibly in Namibia

  1. Honour protected areas

Like many parts of Africa, Namibia has certain places that are considered protected areas. Here, the conservation effort is taken very seriously and usually, travellers will be greeted by a notice telling them it is a protected spot. When you enter such a place, you should be extra sure that you behave accordingly.

  1. Leave the wildlife

The wildlife that roams the country is wild, which means it should only be observed and never touched or fed. If you were to interact with the wildlife, you will definitely be doing more harm than good. After all, nature knows best.

  1. See the other side of Namibia

Sticking to just the main roads can lead to a very underwhelming experience and one that could put more stress on the environment you are travelling in. When you are taking the road less travelled you will not just be doing the environment a favour, you will also give yourself the chance to see a different side of the country.