Experience the Best Namibia Tours and Safaris

Every type of Namibia Tours and Safaris can be designed to include the most unforgettable excursions, and a whole lot of fun activities. And when you are planning any type of holiday to Namibia, you shouldn’t just make sure that the trip you choose will include the country’s most popular attractions, you should also plan your trip so that it also includes something that will help you to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of what makes this country such a special place to visit.

Excursions and activities can add that touch of holiday magic to your Namibia tour. At Namibia Safaris we cater to all types of travellers, including those who are looking for the type of holiday that will go beyond the usual tourist attractions. In our selection of Namibia tours and safaris you’ll find plenty of experiences that will not just make your holiday one to remember, but will also leave you feeling as though you have been let in on a secret that few others get to experience.

What do excursions and activities entail?

These are not your usual kinds of Namibia holidays. While your average tour will take you to the best and most popular tourist attractions, the tours that focus more on the excursions and activities side of the trip are so much more than just a sightseeing holiday. These tours will let guests really get into the experience and walk away with so much more than just a camera reel full of amazing images and a head full of memories of all of the stunning places they have seen.

While for some, spending the holiday travelling from one place to the next, taking in the sights and spending the rest of the time just relaxing, is the perfect holiday, but for others the ideal type of Namibia tours and safaris are more about the activities and the excursions that they get to take part in while touring the country.

Here’s why such a trip could be the best type for you:

  1. It is a unique experience

Every type of holiday should be as much about taking in the sights as it is about the experiences that you can partake in. The country offers guests the chance to enjoy all types of activities including scenic flights, spending time on farms, and evenings out.

  1. It gives you something more

While most tours are all about ticking as much as you can off of your bucket list, with excursions and activities on your itinerary, you will have a lot more to look forward to. Getting active and getting to go out there can give you a real feel for the country. With such a trip, you will be able to learn more about the people that live here and you can form a closer connection to this amazing country.

  1. It can be included as a part of your other tour

Depending on the type of tour you are embarking on and the company you are touring with, there is the option of combining your tours so that they include your usual Namibia tour or safari as well as the excursion and a couple of activities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Namibia Excursions and Activities

  • What is Namibia most famous for?

Namibia is most famous for its natural attractions such as the Namib Desert, the Kalahari Desert, the Fish River Canyon, and the Etosha National Park. The country is also famous for some of its activities such as its hiking adventures and its cultural experiences.

  • How many days is enough in Namibia?

Given the fact that Namibia is such a huge country, and since the distances between the attractions are so vast, you should give yourself a generous amount of time to travel the country and to see it all. Ideally, you should think about spending more than a week here. 2 weeks is the perfect amount of time to have a Namibia tour.

  • What are the three main types of tourist activities in Namibia?

The most popular types of tourist activities include boat tours, walks around the cities and towns of Namibia, and going on wildlife game drives to see the interesting and amazing animals that are native to Namibia.