Etosha, Sesriem, Sossusvlei, Windhoek
15 Days

Explore the Landscape through a Lens with a Namibia Photographic Safari

Arguably one of the more interesting ways to see country, the Namibia photographic safari is one that will take you to some of the most beautiful parts of this exquisite nation, have you exploring the detailed landscape with a careful eye, and allowing you to see things that others might miss.

Whether you are looking to embark on a Namibia wildlife safari or if you want to create high-quality images of the unique landscape, a Namibia photo safari is the best way to do so. In the company of an expert guide, this sort of Namibia tour is one that will take you to all of the best spots, so that you can fill your film reel or your SD card with memorable images. At Namibia Safaris we offer our guests an exclusive 15 day photo focused holiday that covers just about all of Namibia’s biggest attractions.

Who is the Namibia Photographic Safari for?

You don’t have to be some kind of professional photographer with all of the best photographic equipment in order to sign up for this kind of safari trip. Anyone with an interest in photography and who wants to create a stunning catalogue of photos will find there’s a lot to enjoy when on this type of trip.

Here’s what you need to have the best Namibia Photographic Safari:

  1. An interest in photography

Since these sorts of safaris are first and foremost focused on photography, you should have at least some interest in taking photos, otherwise you could always rather book a different Namibia safari. You could be a professional photographer or an amateur photographer, it doesn’t really matter, as all types of photographers can take something from this sort of holiday.

  1. A camera

Although a cellphone camera is good enough for most trips, because this sort of holiday is intensely focused on the photography aspect, it is better to have a proper camera if you are going to go on this type of trip. The camera you choose to bring along is up to you. When packing your camera, be sure to bring additional batteries, dust and rain protective covers, and more than one big memory card.

  1. A cleaning kit

Being out in the elements, especially on the dusty treks of Namibia, means your camera is going to get quite dirty. Since you will be out in far flung areas of the country, you are unlikely to be close to a town where you can have your camera cleaned. Make sure that you pack a high quality camera cleaning kit to keep everything functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions about Namibia Photographic Safaris

  • What is a Namibia photographic safari?

A Namibia photographic safari is a specific type of safari that focuses on taking guests to places that are picturesque and which will make for the perfect place to take photos. Some companies just cater to the photographer traveller by taking them to photogenic and popular places while other companies will even include the photographic equipment that you will need for your trip. Generally such a holiday will be conducted by an experienced wildlife or travel photographer, who will not just guide you to beautiful places but who will also give you great advice for taking photos.

  • When is the best time to go on a Namibia photo safari?

The ideal time to go on a Namibia photo safari would be during those months considered the best for travelling to Namibia, which is between July and October. During the winter months, when the heat is not too intense, and the sky is mostly clear, photographers will be able to get the best images.

  • What are some of the best destinations for a Namibia photo safari?

Some of the popular places to include in your Namibia photo safari includes the Sossusvlei, Etosha National Park, Twyfelfontein, Damaraland, Okonjima Nature Reserve, Sesriem, and Windhoek. Other destinations to include in such a trip also include Swakopmund and the Fish River Canyon. Ideally, when you are on a photo safari in Namibia you should plan on spending at least two weeks, if you can, because this will give you more than enough time to take your photos.