Stay in the Best Namibia Accommodation

From luxury hotels to rustic outdoor sleeping, Namibia accommodation has it all. The types of accommodation that you can get in Namibia make a trip here all the more memorable, and since accommodation is included as a part of the tour package, travellers are guaranteed to be treated to some of the best accommodation the country has to offer.

We at Namibia Safaris have cultivated a good working relationship with the best lodges in Namibia. We have carefully chosen a select number of accommodation facilities to cater to our guests, and each has time and again proven popular with those who choose to travel with us. Our Namibia accommodation includes a wide variety of lodges and hotels all across the country, and each option is guaranteed to provide comfort and a relaxed stay.

Choosing Namibia Accommodation

Even though most of the best kinds of Namibia safari packages include the accommodation as a part of the deal, when you are planning a trip to the country, especially if you are a first time traveller, it helps to know what it is that you can expect from your accommodation. Not only will this help you with your travel planning and packing, but it can also give you the chance to look up the accommodation and see what it looks like.

Our packages include the lists of the accommodation that we use for each type of holiday. By clicking on a specific package, you will be presented with the information about the accommodation that we use, and this will allow you to do a little further research into the facility.

Here’s what you should look for in your Namibia Accommodation:

  1. Does it have internet access?

If sharing your Namibia safari photos immediately with friends and family back home, or if being in constant contact is important to you, then staying at a lodge with Wi-Fi is probably a must for you. Namibia might be a technologically sufficient nation, but there are going to be some places where you might not have the luxury of internet access. In this case, it is important that you are aware of this before you make your booking.

  1. Does it include an on-site restaurant?

Many of the best types of accommodation in Namibia include a restaurant or a bar where you can grab a meal, especially those lodges which are in really remote parts of the country. But if you are staying in a more urban area, the lodge or hotel might not have a restaurant on-site. When checking out accommodation, make sure that you find out what the meal arrangements look like or if you need to self-cater.

  1. Does it have all the comfortable amenities?

Although most lodges in Namibia have everything you expect them to have, such as a tea and coffee station, air-conditioning, and a pool, it is always advisable to have a look at what else they have to offer those who are staying with them, especially if you are looking for something specific, like a place to wash clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Namibia Accommodation

  • What is the average price of a hotel in Namibia?

The average price of a hotel in Namibia is around USD 86. But keep in mind that the accommodation you will have booked on your behalf, as part of your Namibia safari package, is going to be included as a part of the overall package price.

  • What are the most popular hotels in Namibia?

A few of the most popular hotels in Namibia include the Beach Hotel Swakopmund, the Town Lodge in Windhoek and the Arebbusch Travel Lodge. At Namibia Safaris, we select the most upmarket and exclusive places to stay for our guests, ensuring that they have peace and privacy. As such we tend to not always use those hotels which are considered the most popular places to stay.

  • Is Namibia accommodation included as part of the package?

Yes, when you book your trip with Namibia Safaris, we will include your accommodation as a part of your Namibia holiday package.  Even if you are booking a self-drive Namibia holiday, the accommodation will be included, leaving you with less planning to do for your trip.