COVID-19 Information Namibia

The vast spaces and enthralling beauty of Namibia offer you one of the safest places on earth in which to relax and rejuvenate, where social distancing is easy and the healing power of the earth is almost tangible!

The rapid response by the Nation, together with careful monitoring and a well-established and facilitated testing and vaccination program, ensure that your safety when visiting Namibia is paramount.
We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country!


This document will be updated promptly should the information contained herein be amended by the Namibian Regulatory Authorities.

The GRN Ministry of Health and Social Services Statement of the 24th August 2022 states the following information for entry to Namibia by Non-Namibians:

“the entry requirement into Namibia by foreign travellers of vaccination license and a negative PCR test result have been scrapped.”


  • It is greatly important that you remain well-informed on the relevant, current test requirements for entry back into your own/another country, following a stay in Namibia. Should testing be required by authorities at your following destination, kindly note the following:
  • Take careful note of the opening times of the various testing facilities, especially over weekends.
  • Check which facililties require you to make an appointment in advance, in order for your Covid-19 test to be performed.
  • Ensure when finalising your travel arrangements that you will be able to reach your chosen facility timeously, should you be travelling from other areas on that day.

Should you require assistance in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact ATC Namibia.


Date: 29 August 2022