The Best Places to Stay in Swakopmund

Situated on a peaceful stretch of absolutely beautiful Namibian coastline, Swakopmund is a small town with an upmarket, swanky feel that attracts all sorts of people each year. And, naturally, everyone wants to find the best place to stay.

Over the years, the picturesque town has been adding serene accommodation, the kind that is well away from the world and able to provide complete privacy and relaxation. Although it is a seaside town, Swakopmund is very much a Namibian destination. Behind it, the famous Namib Desert goes on as far as the eye can see, and all around the town there are swaying palm trees, that add to that beach vibe.

The accommodation in Swakopmund ranges from fun and eccentric, to glamorous and regal. If you are not taking part in a pre-booked Namibia tour, and you need to book your own accommodation, here are a couple of choices for you to think about, based on TripAdvisor reviews and recommendations.



  1. The Delight

Quirky and beautiful on the inside, but unassuming on the out, The Delight is based in the more or less centre of the town and has gained a bit of a reputation for being the best place to stay if you are a hipster at heart. This hotel is kitted out with eye catching wallpaper, bare light bulbs, and all sorts of furniture that don’t look as though they should work together but just do.

The Delight is traveller friendly, with 54 comfortable rooms and a breakfast menu that will give you enough energy to get you through your busy day of adventuring. You will be within walking distance of the beach and you can also spend some time exploring the town on foot.

  1. Swakopmund Luxury Suites

For the traveller who enjoys that more Scandinavian-inspired interior décor, the Swakopmund Luxury Suites, with its 20 luxury rooms spread throughout a three-storey apartment complex built in the 1930s, is the perfect place to stay. The rooms are tastefully decorated with blue and turquoise hues, and each room stays true to that minimalist style.

  1. Atlantic Villa

Named after the cool Atlantic Ocean, over which its rooms look, this Swakopmund guest house is a treasure, and a great choice for those spending more than a night in this desert town. The overall aesthetic of the rooms is mesmerising and the beach is a quick two-minute walk away. The guest house offers a variety of accommodation options and it is especially popular with couples.

  1. Hansa Hotel

A sophisticated hotel that ticks all of the boxes for those looking for an upmarket retreat, the Hansa Hotel never disappoints. The hotel has been operating since 1905 and has seen many renovations since then. No two rooms are quite alike but each offers everything you could possibly need in order to have the most memorable and comfortable stay.

  1. Strand Hotel

The Strand Hotel in Swakopmund is quite the glamorous place to stay. The hotel offers stunning ocean views and it has become a popular place to stay for those who are looking to explore all that the area has to offer, as the hotel is in a great location. Along with some ultra-comfortable room choices, the hotel also has bars, a deli, restaurants, and a beach kiosk. The Strand is one of the older hotels in the area and its architecture will be a really fascinating treat for those interested in old-world design.


For many people all over the world, spring is the most exciting time of the year. The cobwebs and cold from the winter months are brushed aside and the earth starts to come back to life, with flowers and greenery bringing a touch of colour back into a dry landscape.

Namibia has a reputation for changing seasons just about overnight. The spring season comes and goes in the blink of an eye, with the winter becoming summer in an instant.

But during those fleeting moments, spring is a wonderful time of year to head out and enjoy the country. The temperatures during this very short time of the year are very pleasant and the heat is not yet too much to deal with. In the spring months, everything is beautiful. The sunsets are stunning, the weather is perfect for star gazing, hiking is more comfortable, and camping is a must.

If you are planning a trip to Namibia this spring, there are some places to see and things to do.


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Kaokoland is Magnificent

In the north-east part of the country, Kaokoland is a place that gets a lot of attention from those planning a Namibia safari. Here, the land is untouched and unspoiled, making it the perfect place to go if you want to forget about humanity for a while. You can take a walk to the Epupa Falls and sit beneath the swaying palm trees, just enjoying the moment. Some of the other activities that you can experience in Kaokoland during spring include river rafting, hiking and a visit to the Himba people.

Twyfelfontein is Enticing

A land that is the traditional home to the Damara people, Twyfelfontein and Damaraland are particularly beautiful at this time of year. The area is famous for its rock paintings as well as its roaming desert elephants. Some things that you should do when you are here include taking drives, enjoying morning hikes and sleeping out in nature.

Swakopmund is Calling

The fashionable seaside town of Swakopmund is one place that just becomes more and more beautiful at this time of the year. Along with exploring the town on foot and just doing a little window shopping before stopping for a bite to eat, you can also look forward to sandboarding, going on a camel ride, or even e-biking. Swakopmund is definitely a place to go during your Namibia safari so be sure to add it to your list.

The Kalahari is Waiting

It is one of the driest places in the country and during the spring months, it really starts to come alive again, with spots of green and other colours to be seen. The warmth from the glowing red sands combined with that warm, fresh spring air, makes for the perfect holiday atmosphere. You should choose a great desert lodge where you can lounge by the pool and just take in all of the amazing sightings, and just live in the moment. You can also look forward to game drives, desert walks and lazy days.


In many ways, Namibia is the perfect holiday getaway for anyone who likes a bit of an adventure. It has the wide open spaces where you won’t see anyone for miles, it has the extraordinary accommodation and cities where you can become an urban explorer, and it has those epic landscapes that can best be seen on foot.

Hiking is a past time that many people all over the world enjoy. But there is a huge difference between hiking in the desert and hiking anywhere else. The desert is known for its dryness and the fact that very little survives here without a bit of a struggle. For this reason, and so many others, when you are planning a hiking trip into any kind of desert environment, whether you are a part of a guided Namibia safari or if you are on your own with just a group of friends and family, it is important to have some tips for your hiking holiday.

When hiking in the desert you have to be sure that you are fully prepared for any eventuality, as it can be life or death out there.



  1. You need to think ahead of the heat

In the desert, the heat comes quickly. It can be quite cold during the night, but the moment the sun pops out that all changes and you are thrown back into the harshness of summer. For this reason, it is quite important that you make sure that you plan your hiking times just right, and start out as early as you can to avoid becoming overwhelmed. You can also think of hiking later in the day as well. Hiking at night is not unheard of in the desert, because the moon is stunningly bright as there is no light pollution.

  1. You need to plan for breaks

Think of it as a mini siesta. Making time to take a break in the afternoons, especially between the hours of 12pm and 3pm, which are the hottest parts of the day, will give you time to relax away from the full heat of the sun. Siestas are very common in many African countries during the summer months when the heat becomes too much.

  1. You need to get wet

Our bodies are pretty amazing when it comes to staying cool. Usually, we will sweat when it is hot out but in the desert, the heat is a dry kind and that lack of humidity means you are not likely to sweat all that much.  For this reason, you can occasionally wet your shirt or your hat and allow the sun to evaporate the moisture, leaving you feeling cooler.

  1. You need to stay hydrated

This one certainly goes without saying. When you are hiking and losing fluids, especially when you are out in the heat, you need to be constantly drinking something to replace that lost fluid. If you don’t you will quickly end up dehydrated.

  1. You need salty snacks

Water is not always the best energy replacement. Your body is going to need salts and a great way to add that extra salt is to bring a salty snack, such as salty biscuits, biltong, nuts and seeds, and even veggies.

If you are going to be embarking on a Namibia safari, and you are going to be going on a hiking adventure, make sure that you keep these tips in mind.

It is no secret that the landscapes of Namibia can only be navigated in the comfort of a tough and sturdy 4×4 vehicle. Whether you are adventuring as part of a Namibia tour group or if you are going it alone, having a 4 wheel driving vehicle which is high up off the ground, is essential for every trip. But while a guided tour is going to require nothing more from you than sitting back and enjoying the ride, if you intend to go on a self-drive trip through this fascinating country, you need some 4×4 driving tips.

If you have never driven in a 4×4 vehicle before, the look of the car and the size of it might leave you feeling quite intimidating. But don’t fear, these cars are amazing! An off-road 4×4 vehicle is made to move smoothly and safely over the rough terrain and they are usually incredibly easy to drive, even if this is going to be your first time. And besides, if you are nervous, just take it slow and easy.


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Driving Tips

Since Namibia is such a rough and tumble kind of place, with exquisite landscapes and so much to see, a drive through the country is always going to be the best way to see it all. And when you are driving, you can stop off at all of the lesser known attractions or just go off the road when you see something interesting worth stopping for. Namibia is made for those with an adventurous heart, and with these driving tips you will feel safe and secure behind the wheel.

  1. Never go into an area you are unsure off

Although a 4×4 vehicle can take a punch or 6, when you come across an obstacle that you are uncertain off, like a ditch in the road or a mean looking rock, it is always best to get out of the vehicle and inspect your challenge before you just drive over it. This is especially important if you come across a flooded road.

  1. Take the easy road

When driving a tough 4×4 vehicle, the temptation might be to take the hard road just because your vehicle can handle it. But when you do this, especially since you are new to your 4×4 experience, you need to rather take it easy by taking the easier road.

  1. Drive slowly, but fast when necessary

Sounds like a conflicting and confusing bit of advice, but it actually makes sense. There are times when a bit of speed is going to be your friend, because speed is sometimes the only way to avoid breaking down.

  1. Maintain momentum

Once you have engaged in an obstacle on the road, such as a large rock, you need to commit to it and keep the speed going. Those who second guess themselves often end up getting stuck and that is the last thing that you will want when you are out there in the middle of nowhere!

If driving yourself is not your idea of a perfect holiday, you can always book a guided Namibia tour. Check out our tour packages for more information.

Of all of the attractions that you can come across when you are visiting Namibia, it is the sand dunes that are the most mesmerising and possibly the one thing that is the most iconic about this vast and fascinating nation.

When visiting Namibia as a part of a Namibia tour group, or as part of your solo Namibian adventure, you are guaranteed to spend some of your time enjoying the sights and sounds of the dunes. And knowing how to best experience them, when you’ve never been to the desert before, is all part of the fun.

Many of Namibia’s dunes are only navigable on foot. Since you are travelling on the finest of sands, it is understandable that the trail can easily give way when a heavy vehicle drives on it. That said, you will still be travelling over uncertain terrain as you head towards the dunes, so it will help to have some idea about driving on a gravel road, which you can find in one of our previous blogs.

The Sossusvlei

Of all of Namibia’s incredible landscapes, this one is the most popular among Namibia tour groups wanting to experience the biggest dunes in the country. The Sossusvlei is easily identified by its striking red sands and dunes, its deep blue skies, and depending on the direction you are travelling in, its white salt pans.

The dunes of the Sossusvlei are known for being among the tallest in the world, and each is absolutely breathtaking. The biggest of all of the dunes is called Big Daddy, and it towers above climbers, with its maximum height being 325m! The other large dune is called Dune 45. At just 80km tall, the dune although much smaller is not actually as popular, although theoretically, it is much easier to climb.

People choose to make the long trip up to Big Daddy because of the exceptional views that can be enjoyed from the top. This dune overlooks the picturesque white pan of the Dead Vlei, which also has loads of fossilised Camel Thorn Trees. And besides the view, people also choose the taller dune of the two because they want those bragging rights!



The Climb

Make no mistake, walking on loose sand is not for the faint hearted! It can be a real workout and you might need multiple breaks as you make your way to the top.

Ideally, you will need to start your climb quite early in the morning and that means your walk will start at around 4:30 am. This early start not only gives you enough time to get to the summit and back, but it also means you will start your walk when it is still cool, and get to enjoy one truly spectacular sunrise!

The first 50 minutes will take you to the first plateau. And a full 2 hours of steady walking will get you to the top. Once you are up there, you will forget all about your aching legs, because the views are magical.

When you’ve taken in the sights the real fun begins, as you sit on your bottom and slide all the way back down, in just 5 minutes. After that, you get to explore the area of the Dead Vlei on foot, and be sure to bring along your camera.

If this is the adventure you have been waiting for, you can make your Namibia tour booking today!

Namibia is one of the best places in the world to unleash your inner child and go on a real adventure. And if you are a 4×4 enthusiast, a visit to Namibia is going to be one of the holidays that you will never, ever forget!

As a nation that is so limited in population size and so wondrous in nature and natural attractions, Namibia has a fantastic reputation for being the ultimate outdoor holiday destination. There are many off the beaten track kind of roads and there are also plenty of things to see along the way. And since it is highly recommended that you hire a 4×4 vehicle if you intend on travelling around Namibia by yourself, why not head out on that real off-road adventure?

A lot of the best Namibia tours happen in places where the ordinary tourists wouldn’t normally travel to. So when you go on any of these 4×4 trails, you might just find yourself all alone, with all of the attractions to yourself. There is an upside and a downside to travelling by yourself, so you might want to consider making your 4×4 trip a bit of a group holiday, rather than a solo one.


Zanda Wattamaniuk


The Best 4×4 Trails

  1. The Isabis Trail

This one is named “beautiful to the eye” by the Nama people, and it remains one of the most scenic routes you will ever drive. This track is situated in the Gamsberg region and the road goes up a steep mountain to a plateau from which you will be treated to some of the most stunning views.

In total, the road is some 130 km and it is quite an easy road for beginners.

  1. Topnaar 4×4 Trail

This trail is an epic one in every sense of the word. And so those who are looking for a real 4×4 trip will find it on this trail, with its extreme climbs and rolling dunes. If you want to make the most of the trail you will need to set aside at least 6 days to see it all and given the nature of the trail, it can only be done as a part of a guided team.

  1. The Kalahari-Namib Eco 4×4 Route

A trail that takes you anything from 2 to 10 days to complete, and with all sorts of terrain along the way, this particular route travels from one desert into another. Some of the amazing sites that can be seen along the way include Ai-Ais, the Fish River Canyon, Tiras Mountains, and the Great and Small Karas Mountains. Given the fact that the trail can take a few days to complete, there are a couple of fully kitted out camping sites to stay at along the way.

4×4 trails are not for everyone, and if you are worried about roughing it on your own, the better option is going to be to book a Namibia tour with a company offering the 4×4 experience.


While Namibia is a rough and tumble kind of destination, where some guests spend their nights sleeping under the stars, most guests prefer to have that luxury accommodation experience that allows them to just arrive at the hotel or lodge and just kick back and relax.

Namibia has a couple of fantastic lodges that all meet that luxury expectation. Often the most luxurious lodges in Namibia are secluded, making them even more of a retreat from the world. Guests can spend their time all in one place, or they can experience a proper Namibia tour by going from one place to the next, staying in the best lodges each time.

As part of our Namibia tour packages, we include some of the best accommodation. We do this to ensure that our guests get to have the best possible experience. Namibia lodges are often built to give guests the most incredible scenery and so the lodge itself becomes a highlight of the tour.


Courtesy of Shawn van Eeden


The Best 5 Lodges in Namibia

  1. Ai AiBa – The Rock Painting Lodge

Situated about 220km away from the famous Etosha National Park, this amazing place is set into granite rock boulders of the majestic Erongo Mountains. The lodge is within a volcanic crater and the restaurant and bar offer guests the most unforgettable views. The lodge is quite exclusive as it has only 10 individual thatch roof chalets, each with en-suite showers, a private patio, and all sorts of luxury amenities.

  1. Desert Hills Lodge

Individual huts built against a rocky hill, the Desert Hills Lodge offers some of the most stunning views which are unobstructed by anything. Guests who stay here can see for miles from their private deck, and with a 4 star rating, this lodge is truly luxurious.

  1. Alte Kalkofen Lodge

A very traditional but very luxurious lodge, the Alte Kalkofen Lodge is 90km away from Keetmanshoop and it has the most beautiful green garden that blends into the Namib Desert. The lodge has 8 twin rooms, 1 family room and 2 self-catering units. The lodge is a former old farm house that has been immaculately restored. Alte Kalkofen has a lot of charm, and twice a week a train passes the lodge, reminding guests of the old way of life. The lodge has a swimming pool and picnic baskets are also available for day travels.

  1. Barkhan Dune Lodge

This amazing lodge is close to Solitaire but far enough away from everything that at night the sky is a cover of heavenly stars. It has 7 chalets set into the dunes, 1 house, and 1 secluded self-catering house. At the lodge, there is a swimming pool and delicious meals are available in the dining room at mealtimes. Another great thing about this lodge is that it is completely eco-friendly.

  1. Canyon Lodge

Built-in the Fish River Canyon, this amazing lodge is surrounded by earth that has been carved out over millions of years. The Canyon Lodge has 25 stunning stone chalets and there are various facilities on the property which include a Wi-Fi area, a restaurant, and a small shop.

Namibia is one of those destinations that is just perfect for camping. And for the millennial who is looking for that epic holiday but who doesn’t want to camp the traditional way, then this blog is just for you.

Camping is one of those past times that has the power to become something that you can become obsessed with. While the idea of going to a fancy hotel and having everything taken care of for you is exciting and doesn’t require much planning from your side, camping is special. Travelling across the landscape and eventually coming to a place appropriate enough to set up a tent is loads of fun and it gives you the opportunity to have more control over how you plan to spend your holiday.

Camping allows you to really appreciate the country you are exploring and it allows you to see things through different eyes. When you are planning a holiday trip and you have camping on your list of preferred accommodations, you will be able to see life in Namibia is slow, natural and comfortable. And luckily, with these more modern ways of camping, the option that you choose can be a lot more comfortable and it will have everything you can dream of to make your Namibia safari so much more special.

It all comes down to packing

Although there are those camping packages that will include all of the camping basics that you could possibly need, if you are either planning your own trip or if you just want to double-check that you have everything you could possibly need in order to make the most of your time here in Namibia, this is your must-pack list.



  1. Towels and Blankets

You are staying in the desert and you are probably not going to be spending more than a night or two in each place, you need to choose a towel and blankets that will dry fast and which can perhaps be used for more than one purpose.

  1. Bring Delicious Coffee

When you are camping out in the wilderness, you will want to bring along the best coffee as well as everything that you will need in order to prepare the coffee. Since you are roughing it, you might want to think about how you will be making the coffee over a fire. But whatever you do, don’t pack horrible coffee, you will thank us later.

  1. Bring Winter Woolies

And thermals. It gets incredibly cold in the desert at night, especially in the winter.

  1. Entertainment

You should never play loud music when you are out in the middle of nowhere because it will interrupt the wildlife. Instead, bring along your kindle or a couple of good books, which you can read by the fireside while sipping on some good coffee.

  1. Be Eco-Friendly

When you braai out in the wild, you are taking a risk. So you should only use eco-friendly braai equipment and you should keep the fire well away from grass.


The Sossusvlei is one of the most beautiful and popular spots to travel to when you are visiting Namibia. The haunting landscapes of dead trees, set to the backdrop of golden sands and bright blue skies, have become iconic, especially as the area has attracted photographers from around the world who have taken some now famous shots.

Part of what makes the Sossusvlei such a special place is the fact that for the most part, it is untouched by humans. Anyone wanting to visit the region will need to do so by 4×4 vehicle and then, the last bit of the journey is sometimes done on foot, so not only is the land just about untouched, but the region is absolutely silent.

All of that is possibly about to change, as new proposals have been announced concerning the building of a railway track into the Sossusvlei.



In March 2020, concession rights were granted to Sky Eye Tours and Hospitality to create a fixed helium hot air balloon and a motorised transport system. The concession was only given on the condition that there were no objections.

The reason why the company sought the concession to build a railway is that the road to the Sossusvlei is only accessible with a 4×4 vehicle. The road leading up to the region is mostly tarred but the last 4km requires some off roading. The idea is that the railway line would provide easier access for those who are going to have some trouble navigating the last 4km of road.

The railway line would be built in such a way that it would not disrupt the nature or the nearby river. The train would be powered using 2 generators, and the trip, both there and back, would take around 24 minutes. Passengers would arrive directly at the Sossusvlei and from there the next step of the company’s plan would kick into gear. Tourists would be able to climb aboard a fixed hot air balloon and hover some 150 meters above the ground to get a great view of the dunes and surrounding area.

When these plans were announced to the public, the reaction was not a warm and welcoming one. Both residents and lodge owners in the area voiced concern that such a project would spoil the scenery and that the negative effect would cause the area to lose its charm. Many even described the move as a complete disgrace.

By August 2021, The Namibian, a top newspaper, revealed alleged corruption surrounding the deal. A local businessman with a reputation for being given multimillion-dollar tenders was revealed as a top shareholder in the business.

Although he insisted that everything was legal and honest, requests for documentation regarding the business plan and the proposal, went unanswered.

For now, it remains to be seen what will come of this plan, but many would agree that the rustic and untouched nature of the Sossusvlei deserves to be protected from modern life. If the area were to become a bustling tourist attraction, it would lose what makes it so special.

The rules are constantly changing. And in this case, it is a good thing! With cases lower than they have been since the start of the pandemic, the people of Namibia are celebrating, and the Government has completely revised its approach to handling the pandemic.

Although Namibia has a low vaccination rate, with the arrival of the Omicron variant, the cases continue to fall while severe cases and deaths from the virus remain at an all-time low. This is great news not just for those living in Namibia, but also for those who are planning a visit.

Those who are visiting Namibia are no longer going to have to wear a mask and those who are vaccinated won’t need to take a PCR test before travelling.

This fantastic news comes just before the tourist season kicks off properly and the new rules came into effect on the 16th of March.

While COVID is still around, it is set to be with us forever, the relaxation of the rules is a natural progression of events and is something we are seeing the world over. With that said, the government officials are still encouraging citizens and travellers to be cautious and to wear a mask if they want to.

These measures are in stark contrast to what is happening in South Africa, where the National State of Disaster has been extended, despite the fact that infections and deaths are also lower than ever, despite a low vaccination rate.



What does this mean for you, the traveller?

These changes take the relaxation of last month’s rules a little bit further, and as a traveller, they are certainly going to make your life, while in the country, a lot more relaxed.

Since vaccinated visitors no longer have to have a PCR test when entering the country, the admin for those who’ve taken the jab is going to be a lot less, so they will save both time and money when travelling. And those who’ve chosen not to be vaccinated need only present this test, and will not have to worry about quarantining and wasting precious holiday time.

As for the masks, in many countries, the world over, masks have not been mandatory. So coming to Namibia and being forced to mask up might have been a bit of an uncomfortable inconvenience, especially when travelling in the summer. The removal of masks is going to be a huge breath of relief (pardon the pun) for some.

Since travelling is now easier, people can come and explore the real beauty that this majestic nation has to offer. Taking a trip here is like stepping into another world and it is most certainly a holiday that will stay with you forever.

If you are keen on going on a guided Namibia tour, we have a selection of fantastic tour packages for you to choose from. You can make your booking online or contact us for more information.