The Best time of Year to Travel to Namibia
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The best time of the year to visit Namibia

One of the biggest considerations to make when you are travelling to Namibia is planning your visit to coincide with the best time of the year.

Namibia is a hot desert nation, and with the extreme temperatures, planning your trip can be quite a mission. Plan it for the wrong time and you could be suffering under the intense heat, something that is immensely unpleasant when you are spending your days driving.

The best time of the year to travel to Namibia is between July and October. These are the coolest months of the year, so when you are on the road a lot, you won’t die in the heat. From July to October, you will experience the most pleasant temperatures, and you also won’t be caught up in an intense storm or rain shower that floods the road and stops your tour in its tracks.

Namibia winters are not your normal winter, especially if you come from a Northern Hemisphere country. During a winter in this beautiful country, you can expect hot days, with the occasional thundershower, but in the evenings, the country can take on a very real chill. When you are packing, make sure that you bring some wintry clothing, but do bring along some clothing that can keep the worst of the winter weather away. You most certainly don’t need any clothing that you’d normally wear during a snowy period.

You also don’t necessarily need big winter shoes! Flip flops and maybe just one pair of closed shoes should be enough to keep you comfortable during your stay.

Visiting during other times of the year

While the period between July and October are considered to be the best time of the year to travel, you can really travel here at any time and enjoy a wonderful experience.

When you travel between October and February you can expect to have those intensely hot days with tremendous afternoon thundershowers. These are also good times to go spotting wildlife. When the rains come and the dams and pans fill up with water, the wildlife come out in great numbers to quench their thirst. You could spend a day sitting near a water source and see loads of desert animals.

In March, April and May, the rains slowly disappear and the dry heat settles in for winter. The evenings start to get really cool and because of the limited water sources, animals again travel to watering spots to get the last of the water available to them. Tourism around this time of the year begins to pick up, as people take advantage of moderate weather.


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