Volunteer Projects in Namibia

Namibia is one of the most conservation focused nations in Africa. With its small population of people and its huge swaths of untouched landscape and vulnerable wildlife, it takes a lot of work to ensure that the conservation efforts in place work as they should.

For this reason, and many others, there are all sorts of volunteer projects available in the country and each year those travelling to Namibia can choose to plan their holiday in such a way that they are able to give their time to a good cause, while also learning more about the country.

Regardless of your passions, you can find a cause that will catch your interest and which can benefit from your involvement. It is important to note that the programme you are considering could require a week or more of your time. You could also be expected to pay a little something towards the programme during your stay.



5 Interesting Volunteer Projects

  1. Rhino Momma Project

For years Rhinos have dominated the headlines as their population numbers have been declining steadily all throughout Africa, including Namibia, due to unrelenting poaching activities. At the Rhino Momma Project, the team goes above and beyond to play a role in saving this species from being totally wiped out. To achieve their goals, the project needs a lot of help, and so they take on volunteers who in turn make memories they will never forget while also getting to learn more about conservation.

  1. SAVE Foundation

Poaching is without a doubt one of the biggest issues facing the wildlife of Namibia. Each year hundreds, if not thousands, of animals fall victim to this predatory practice. The SAVE Foundation plays a role in providing a sanctuary for the animals it saves and volunteers are always most welcome. Those who volunteer at SAVE will be responsible for feeding the wildlife and for the general care of the animals, and they will also get to learn more about the animals they spend their days with.

  1. Nhoma Bush Camp

Not all volunteer projects are only about the wildlife. Some also include time spent with local tribes, learning about the community and gaining ancient knowledge from the people. At the Nhoma Bush Camp, you can expect to learn a lot about bush survival, permaculture, and the San people and their loving connection to nature.

  1. N/a’an ku se Wildlife Volunteering

At the N/a’an ku se Wildlife Volunteering project, volunteers are given the unique opportunity to get up close to the wildlife they are looking after. This dedicated conservation project looks after all kinds of wildlife and their innovative approach to wildlife care is what makes the project both unique and successful. The sanctuary is a 45km drive from Windhoek and volunteers can look forward to tailor-made activities that emphasise the realities of conservation.

This volunteering project works with the conservation research programme Kanaan, which is dedicated to studying the spotted hyenas of the Namib Desert as well as other carnivores, and also with TimBila, which is also doing research into carnivores.

Bernhard Nordcamp Centre

Namibia is a country on the move and education is what will help this desert nation build strong foundations for its future. You can play a role in helping the country create independent and educated future leaders by taking part in this volunteer programme. At the Bernhard Nordcamp Centre, you can assist the teachers in the Windhoek community and partake in after school classes for grade 1 to 7 children. There is also the option volunteering to prepare lunches and coach sports teams.