Namibia Safaris

There is much to look forward to when you decide to travel on a Namibia safari, much more than just the golden sands of the Namib Desert.

From exquisitely haunting, misty coastlines, home to shipwrecks and the ancient remains of marine life, to urban, hip and happening towns like Swakopmund and Windhoek, and the dusty tracks that will take you to the undeniably beautiful Kaokoveld and its wide open landscape where not a soul can be seen for miles around, Namibia is unique and inviting.

In the out of reach destinations there are quaint small towns, home to the most interesting people, and some of the most spectacular lodges and guesthouses, rustic, luxurious and comfortable, all of which adds to the charm of holidaying in this one of a kind country.

The Namibia safari is so much more than exploring the ins and outs of the unforgettable landscapes, because while this country is full of stunning places to see, it also a great destination for those wanting a safari adventure.

To the north of the country there are pockets of wildlife roaming freely, living just as nature has intended. A safari guided game drive can become a real old-world African adventure leaving you feeling as though you are a part of some tremendous expedition to some unknown, undiscovered place.

A Namibia holiday can take on so many forms that there are options that are perfect for the wildlife enthusiast and those who wish to travel to Namibia to enjoy a spot of bird watching, and there are also tours made just for travellers looking to explore the history of the nation.

There are guided tours, self-drive tours and even fly in tours, and along with luxurious and exclusive accommodation, fascinating towns to explore, and more than just a handful of activities to keep you busy, a trip to Namibia is truly a once in a lifetime experience.